Venice Swap: A Revolution with Blockchain Technology

The Business

Venice Swap is basically a movement to make cryptocurrency trading seamless by all means. By offering services like decentralized exchange development, fintech consultation, and multiple blockchain-based applications, this start-up is working hard towards the betterment of the crypto experience for end-users and traders.

Venice Swap: Background & Team

It takes ages to shape an idea. But, when you have the right team, ages turn into a few years.

IEO: Initial Exchange Offering

Those who are interested in IEO can start their journey with Venice Coin. It is the utility token for Venice Swap users. All the transactions related to distributed credits will be done using Venice Coin only. Private, pre, and crowd token sale facility is offered by Venice Swap.

The Decentralized Exchange

Venice Swap will present a highly feature-rich and secured decentralized exchange for traders and clients. The exchange offered is a peer-to-peer system backed by a powerful protocol. Using this decentralized exchange platform of Venice Swap, crypto traders and investors can get rid of the involvement of intermediaries.

The Centralized Exchange

As quoted above, Venice Swap offers a highly ingenious centralized crypto exchange using which prospective crypto investors and traders can transact in the world’s topmost cryptocurrencies. As the centralized exchange is backed with powerful encryption and security features, incidences like data theft and failed transections have nearly zero probability.



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